The Lion King

Here you can find the best Lion King coloring pages and drawings from one of the most famous Disney movies. Print the most beautiful drawings from the movie Lion King 1 and have fun!

The Lion King is a Disney classic in which Simba (see Simba coloring page) is a young lion cub, son of Mufasa (see Mufasa coloring page) and Sarabi, he is going to live a lot of exceptional adventures.

Simba is destined to become the king of the animals and succeed his father on the throne, but his uncle Scar (see Scar Lion King coloring page) doesn’t see it that way.

Simba grows up carefree and has a good time with his friend Nala (see Nala coloring page) until the day his uncle decides to set a trap for him with the help of the hyenas.

In this selection of coloring pages to print, you will find color drawings of all the characters (or almost): Nala, Timon, (see Timon and Pumba coloring page) Zazu, Rafiki (see Rafiki coloring page), Shenzi, Kiara, Kovu, Zira, Vitani, Nuka and the others.

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