Do you love mermaids and are you looking for mermaid coloring pages?

These creatures that look like humans and fish have been part of sea legends for centuries.

It seems that mermaids have always fascinated people, and many people are still interested in them today.

The most famous mermaid is of course The Little Mermaid (see Little Mermaid coloring page here), invented by Andersen and whose story was adapted by Disney Studios in Ariel the Little Mermaid.

Ariel is the daughter of the king under the sea and dreams only of one thing, to join the human world and discover the wonders she thinks she can find there.

Mermaid coloring pages

It is said that mermaids also like to collect objects from the surface, and accumulate treasures in their houses under the ocean.

And of course mermaids populate the oceans, they come into contact with dozens of marine animals and can form bonds with them, especially with fish, dolphins and seahorses, those mysterious sea horses, but they often fear morays and sharks.

If you are passionate about mermaids you will be able to find their world through all these quality coloring pages and color them according to your taste to give beautiful hues to mermaids or original to all fish and sea creatures.

Moreover, you will be able to illuminate magnificent seascapes with shimmering colors or find Ariel the little mermaid in several images!

All you have to do is choose the mermaid coloring page you want to start with and start coloring it!

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