Coloring pages of giraffes

Looking for coloring pages of giraffes?

Kids are especially fascinated by their overall appearance and often enjoy painting and drawing them. Free printable giraffe coloring pages are available here and can be used for both school and home purposes.

The giraffe is a large mammal that lives in the African savannah. It is the tallest animal in the world, measuring up to 6 meters in height. Its coat is covered in yellow or brown spots arranged in a mosaic pattern. The belly is lighter in color.

The giraffe has a long neck made up of seven vertebrae, and a small, triangular head. Its mouth is equipped with a long, leathery tongue.

Top Giraffes Coloring Pages

  • Giraffe playing basketball -

    Giraffe playing basketball

    Giraffe in basketball uniform holding a ball in his hand.

  • Kawaii cute giraffe -

    Kawaii cute giraffe

  • Giraffe kawaii -

    Giraffe kawaii

    Kawaii giraffe with nice big eyes and nice spots on her coat.

  • Simba and the giraffes Lion King -

    Simba and the giraffes Lion King

  • A giraffe doing DIY -

    A giraffe doing DIY

  • Big giraffe in the savannah -

    Big giraffe in the savannah

  • Printable coloring pages giraffe -

    Printable coloring pages giraffe

Did you like our cute giraffes coloring pages? We also have coloring pages of all the animals of the world. You can find them by browsing our printable coloring pages.

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